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About US

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Look at us making soap!...
Dixon Candle and Bath LLC was born out of necessity and the love of creativity. We are a very small private company who enjoys making handmade scented products for your enjoyment. Every candle/bath/body product is made by hand and in small batches for quality control. We want to make sure our customers get the best products that we can offer.

Making handmade scented goodies are our hobby. We enjoy making new receipes and sharing them with you.

We are located in Scranton, PA. We have been making candles and soaps for fun since 2002. We love trying new scents and creating new products. Although we have experience in making a great number of scented goodies, we don't have them all listed on this website for sale. If there is a product you are interested in and you don't see it here on our site, please just drop us an email or calls us to see if we would be able to accommodate your request.

to send us an email. Here is our store information:

Our webstore is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Dixon Candle and Bath LLC
P.O. Box 20150
Scranton, PA 18502
Toll Free Phone: 1-866-570-3838

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