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    Blowing out a candle to extinguish its flame can leave a room smelling like smoke and may also create black soot residue, which can settle on the rim of the candle jar, walls, and furniture.  Not to mention it can create a fire hazard.  Blowing out a lit candle can cause hot pieces of wick to land on flammable items.  Using wick dipper helps to solve those problems.

    This Wick Dipper is an easy-to-use tool that extinguishes a flame without the smoke that is produced when blowing a candle out.  this ironware has a hook designed to push the burning wick into the melted pool of wax and pull it straight up again.  This method of dipping the wick in the melted wax allows for easier relight of the candle.

    NOTE: white box pictured is not included in purchase.

    Instructions for Use:

    1. Use our Wick Dipper to push the wick into the melted liquified wax pool until the flame is completely extinguished.
    2. Immediately pull the wick back up from the wax and straighten.
    3. Allow time for the melted wax to solidify before using a Wick Trimmer to trim the wick to 1/4 inch length again.