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    Item #: J12GRT
    • Scented Soy Wax Candle
    • Glass jar holds 10oz wax weight
    • Contains blend of premium phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils
    • No lead cotton wick
    • Average candle burn time with wick kept trimmed to 1/8"-1/4" varies 55-75 hours (depends on draft, wick trimming, burning time each session, and fragrance)

    Grapefruit Rosemary Tonic, a refreshing and invigorating aroma that will uplift your senses and create a bright and lively ambiance in your space.  This candle scent is a clean and herbal blend of grapefruit, orange zest, green citrus, and rosemary which brings a zesty and herbaceous aroma to your surroundings.  The top notes of grapefruit and orange zest are juicy and citrussy, while the green citrus and rosemary notes add a touch of earthiness and depth.

    As this scented candle burns, you will notice the subtle undertones of lime seltzer, lemon, and pineapple which add a layer of complexity and freshness to the fragrance. The lime seltzer note provides a fizzy and effervescent quality, while the lemon and pineapple notes add a sweet and tangy twist.

    Light this candle to create a refreshing mood and energize your senses. This candle is a must have if you or anyone you know loves refreshing and zesty scents. 

    Fragrance Note Profile:

    Top note: orange zest, citrus, eucalyptus, lime seltzer, lemon, pineapple

    Middle note: rosemary green, herbaceous, cedar, geranium, orange blossom

    Bottom note: musk, patchouli, vanilla

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