Scent Perk Rewards is our free loyalty reward point program.  These Scent Perk points are automatically given on every purchase you make provided that you have created an account with us and are logged in at the time of checkout (*excluding Wholesale accounts). No Scent Perks are given if you checkout as a Guest.  We wanted to thank you for being a loyal customer.

We have two reward tiers, Scent Whiz and Scent Guru. Both levels require you to be logged into your account with us at the time of purchase.

How do they work?

SCENT WHIZ: 0 to 249 Scent Perks

  • Earn 1 Scent Perk for every $1 spent.. (3% back in discounts)

SCENT GURU: 250 and up Scent Perks

  • Earn 1.35 Sent Perks for every $1 spent... (4% back in discounts)

Both Scent Perk Tiers: 

  • Earn 2 Perks when you signup for an account with us
  • Earn 2 Perks for writing a review
  • Earn 2 Perks for commenting on a Blog post
  • Perks are posted to your account within 1 business day
  • Minimum amount of Perks that can be redeemed is 10
  • Perks can be redeemed at checkout for discounts off products/order amount in your shopping cart
  • Perks expire after 180 days 

Note: our Scent Perks do not have any cash value and can not be redeemed for cash. Wholesale accounts do not qualify for Scent Perks.

Rewards Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many points do I have? Log into your account. Go down to "Rewards Details" section of page. There is where you can find your total amount of available Scent Perks and any Perks that are pending. 

2. How do I use my Scent Perk Rewards?  Once you are logged in and are at the Checkout page, In the payment area, click "Reward Scent Perks" . Click the "Apply" option. You should see the reward points applied in the shopping cart.  Minimum amount of Scent Perk Rewards to redeem is 10.

3. Can I receive Perk Rewards for purchases I made prior to creating an account?  Unfortunately you can not. Purchases made prior to your account sign up do not earn any Scent Perk Rewards. You must have an online account with us and be signed in for your Scent Perk Rewards to be allocated.

4. Do I receive Perks when I use Perks? Partial Perks. You will receive Perks only on the merchandise that was not bought with Perks.

5. When I return an item, what happens to my Scent Perks?  Any reward perks that was earned from the initial purchase will be deducted from your Scent Perks account.

    Only one registered account per person is eligible for Scent Perks.

    Please view our Terms and Conditions page for more information on our Rewards Program.