Wick Dipper candle, wick, dipper, extinguisher
Price: $5.00
Item #: AWD -

Blowing out a candle to extinguish its flame can leave a room smelling like smoke and may also create black soot residue, which can settle on the rim of the candle jar, walls, and furniture.  Not to mention it can create a fire hazard.  Blowing out a lit candle can cause hot pieces of wick to land on flammable items.  Using wick dipper helps to solve those problems.

Wick Trimmer wick, trimmer, trimming, trim, cut
Price: $10.00
Item #: AWT -

This stainless steel Wick Trimmer does the job just right.  It makes it possible to trim your wicks to the exact size.  It has a special measuring foot, allowing it to cut a precise 1/4" and is much  more effective than using scissors, due to its angular design.  Using a dull tool will split the wick threads causing the wick to mushroom excessively.