Extinguishing Candles

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Hi fellow candle lovers. Happy Friday! I just wanted to include some important safety information regarding extinguishing your lit soy candles. How do you extinguish your candles?

Do you "blow" your candles out? "Blowing out" candles (by way of blowing your breath onto the wick), will produce more soot.  The flame may flare up.  Hot wax may splatter.  It also presents a fire hazard if lit or hot pieces of wick land on flammable objects. 

I know some people also use the candle lid to extinguish your candle.  We do not recommend this because the lid may not be able to tolerate the heat that comes from the flame of the candle. Using the lid in this way, also causes smoke which gets trapped inside the candle jar and mixes in with the wax.  This can affect the scent of the candle fragrance.

We recommend using a candle snuffer or a candle wick dipper to extinguish your candles. A candle snuffer is usually made of a long metal rod attached to a bell with or without a hinged joint.  The candle snuffer is placed over the lit wick to smother the flame. A candle wick dipper is also usually a metal rod with a curve on the end for you to dip the flamed wick into the pool of melted wax and then lift the wick back out. These are the best options we recommend you use to extinguish your candles.

Hope this helps, until the next time...

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