Our Origins Story: When and Why We Started Making Candles

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Our Origins Story of When and Why We Started Making Candles

Hi Y'all!

For those of you who do not know me and how I ventured into candle-making, here is our origin story. I am a Mom of 3 ages 28, 20, & 16 and a bonus mom of 5 ages 35 thru 29. I am also a Wife and Candle-maker.

My love for burning candles go way back to 1997 in New York. Between being a Mom, Partner, and working Full-Time, my schedule was pretty hectic for at least 5-6 days out of the week. There was very little me-time. I was a licensed Cosmetologist working in the banking industry. Everyday was the same routine. Get up in the morning, get me and my first child (who was 2 years old) dressed, drop him off to daycare, and go to work. Leave work, run errands, pick him up from daycare, go home, clean the kitchen from the night before because I was too tired, make a home cooked dinner, bathe, lay clothes out, pack the baby bag for the next day and get ready for bed. Then in the morning, it was repeated all over again. Saturdays were for family time and my Son's kid activities.

I needed just a little something to help me focus on settling down some. Go go go lets you run on adrenaline. But when it is time to sit still and rest it was and is still difficult. I started buying those tall unscented paraffin prayer candles that were in the grocery store. I began lighting those candles every single night when I came home. Just as soon as I walked through the door, that candle was getting lit. It became a ritual for me because it signified that my day was coming to a close. It was time to slow down, relax, and prepare for a good nights sleep.

As time went on, I began to buy scented paraffin candles from the stores. Depending where I got them from they didn't give off a strong enough scent for me. I could hardly smell anything from these candles. I could have just kept burning the unscented ones, cause there was not much of a difference.

Fast forward a bit, it was approximately the year 2003. During the previous few years, there were some family losses, and due to some medical issues, I was no longer working Full-time. This transition became a challenge for me, because I was not used to being still. I was now restricted in many parts of my life. I desperately needed something to relax me and help me cope. So, I began to really take a serious interest in candles. It was just something about watching the flickering flame and pleasant smell (on occasion) that was very soothing to me.

Before I knew it, I was in the local craft store buying a candle-making kit. I figured, I am a bit crafty I can probably make the kind of candle that I actually want. I made my first batch of candles from the kit and I was hooked!!. I don't know if you remember dial-up internet with AOL. Ok I'm telling my age now, LOL. Yes, I searched the internet by dial-up and found lots of information about candle-making. I printed out documents and made a binder with all my information about wicks and such. I was now making candles for myself that smelled good and uplifted my spirits. A couple of my friends persuaded me to sell a few because they really liked how they smelled. I was fortunate enough to live close by a candle wax manufacturer who helped me out a great deal. The salesman at the time introduced me to vegetable waxes. He sent plenty of different vegetable waxes for me to test out. I even dropped off some of my finished products to their office for show and tell. He really gave me lots of insight into candle-making from a manufacturers perspective.

I found a new hobby that allowed me to feed my creative bug, was fun to do, and it gave me another purpose. Back then there was no where near the amount of candle-makers there are today. Candle fever had not hit just yet. I had such fun making glass jar candles, votive candles, pie desert candles. The pie candles even came in a bakery box. I enjoyed making candles for a few local Day Care Centers who needed some fundraising products. In 2004, we moved here to PA. Over the years, we have made lots of candles in so many different scents.

We have taken a few breaks from candle-making. But then we always come back. I think once you have love for the craft, it never leaves. Even if you only make some for yourself. Although, I am no longer in the Cosmetology field , we still love to make people feel better about themselves. We are just doing it in a different way. Candles are not just candles to us. They represent rituals, relief, relaxation, energy, focus, and they even make the room smell great. That's a win win! We enjoy sharing our love for candles with you. It is so rewarding to know that some of our candles may bring you joy by reminding you of the smells of your favorite coffee shop. Or the scent of your Grandma's refreshing tall glass of iced tea. Every candle we make is made from the heart with intention to help brighten up the space your in.

So, there it is our candle-making origin story. We hope telling our story helps you get to know us better. If you ever have any questions about us or our products, just drop us an email, or a DM on Facebook/Instagram and we would be happy to answer them for you.

Thank you for taking time to get to know us.


Your Artisanal Scent Designer-Sonya

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